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Happy New Year from Key West

Peter and son Pete challenged us today with the scariest thing a captain can hear ” I really want to catch something big to put on my wall”. This usually makes fish run from the boat and we will be lucky if we get a bite . Just a little hint never say this in the morning on a charter in Key West.

So off we go to sea in search of a trophy. The first few hours were as expected- nada. There was a good Southeast breeze and that usually  means Dolphin so we moved out kind of deep for Key West in the winter to 600 feet. Reports from the West said a good weed line with Dolphin , I just hoped it held up for the twenty miles to the East we were fishing.

We found what appeared to be the weed line and started fishing going East . We found our first dolphin about 30 minutes into the line  and I started feeling better. Another five minutes and two more Dolphin hook up. While we are fighting these fish about a hundred Dolphin shoot straight up in the air near the weed line – a sure sign of a lurking monster.

After bringing the fish in we circle around to put out more baits with one bait rig in the water. Suddenly the water explodes and a two hundred pound Marlin is going crazy. Son Pete  is getting a crash course on how to catch a fish that weighs 10 times the class of the line, but that is his story. Thirty minutes and we have the leader for a catch and another 30 minutes to try and get my rig back. Pete was exhausted. The fish did get close and when we wired him again the leader separated and the rig was lost , but the fish was still very healthy.

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