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Key West Deep Sea Fishing Forecast June 2012

Hi, this is Capt. Chuck Butler with Charter SeaClusion, operating out of Key West Oceanside Marina, where we offer a variety of deep-sea fishing charters aboard my forty-six foot Bertram sportfish “SeaClusion”.

June is the biggest month for fishing in Key West. School is out and families from Florida and  afar come to Key West for fishing. There is no wonder why, the Dolphin migration is in full swing. Large schools of Mahi are passing through our waters and making for great catches and great memories.

Finding Dolphin is more like hunting. The Dorados must be tracked down . Birds are the easiest way to spot the fish below. Erratic low level flight patterns are almost a sure sign of fish. Catching them then becomes the next challenge. It can break your heart when that big bull has eyes for flying fish only. Weed lines are always a great place to fish , but if you don’t get up real early your early bird neighbor may have already worked that line over. Any piece of floating debris is a fish magnet and should be fished thoroughly before being left behind. Trolling past a pallet is just the start, if fish are not hooked up on the first couple of passes, try a live bait. If the debris is holding a lot of bait break out the vertical jigs and drop em deep. We try to get down 250 – 300 feet with great results including Cobia in 750 feet of water in the middle of June.

Key West Dolphin for Dinner


The big schools of  5 – 10 pound fish is what  June Dolphin fishing is all about in Key West. You don’t have to be an expert when you start hooking up and by the end of the day you will be a much better angler.  Nothing like practice, practice, practice.

Can anybody say Wahooooooooooo? June is a great month for really big Wahoo. These tasty fish can swim at incredible speeds and often straight at you. THE biggest mistakes when fighting Wahoo are taking the boat out of gear and not winding the reel. I can’t tell you how many times lackluster reeling has resulted in “I think the fish got off”, and my response is “ no,  but now it is”. What happens when the fish swims at 30 mph+ towards you and the line goes slack, Wahoo are shaking their heads as they fight and just a little after the line goes slack they do get loose. Reel fast enough to keep the rod tip bent and these speedsters will come to gaff – eventually.

Last but not least deep dropping is back and Snowy Grouper and Tilefish are back on the menu. Be careful very tight limit on Snowies ONE per boat Period. Plenty of Rudderfish and Rosies to take up the slack . Dropping on these spots is a great way to break up the day and catch a few bottom fish to go with the Dolphin.

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