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Key West Offshore Fishing Forecast June 2011

  2011-05-29-malia-and-elvis   Summertime fishing is here. Hot weather, calmer seas , a few showers and a bazillion Dolphin herald   June offshore  fishing. This is when big schools ( schoolies ) of  Dolphin under six or seven pounds come streaming through. Finding schoolies can take  time, and close attention to birds is the best way to find fish in the open ocean.  Some birds are just trying to fake you out or so it seems , birds that roost on the water can be very confusing, some of their antics look like they are all over fish when in fact they are just going through some weird social scene.. I really like a couple of small white birds flying up and down and making zig zags over the water for an almost guarantee of fish. When you do find them , chunks of Ballyhoo , Silversides or cut bait thrown to the school will get them going and then break out the spinners to make a real mess of the deck. schoolies-51011 Leaving a fish in the water to hold the school close is a standard technique. If you can manage the chaos a bit try leaving two or three in the water , especially if they are a good size and you want to try and sink your boat with fish. Larger fish will be lurking  away from these large schools. Try trolling 300 – 400 yards away from the birds or weed line and you just might find a much larger surprise. Speaking of surprises , it can happen in June when a Blue Marlin mistakes your Dolphin bait and plays havoc with your gear. The hot bright sun is going to be making shade precious and  the fish are looking for it too. Debris and weed lines are the major structure that  hold fish, if you happen to find a tree that looks like it has been in the water for six months or so tie your boat to it and your day is made.. Wahoo under logs and other debris make the deep troll essential.  As the water warms up and the seas stay calm for several days in a row the oxygen levels in the water deplete and the surface fishing gets really slow.  Trolling deeper will  find  fish in the warmer calm waters of summer, I use a deep troll all the time and when debris and weed lines seem lifeless I will pull Grouper plugs in 2000 feet of water and get good results with Dolphin and Wahoo .   shayne-51411   Snapper spawns continue into June . Western Dry Rocks has been hot for the Muttons in May and should be good again in June on the full moon.  When you notice the Mangrove Snappers have left your dock or canal it’s time to hit the reef and look for humps in thirty to forty feet of water surrounded by much deeper water usually on the bar for hot Mangrove action. Silver dollar size Pin Fish work better than dynamite.   Watch out for thunderstorms and don’t take chances with lightning. I know too many people with close calls. Remember if you can hear thunder it is too close, so be careful and enjoy some of the best fishing we have in Key West.

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