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Key West Offshore Fishing Forecast September 2011

Hi, this is Capt. Chuck Butler with Charter SeaClusion, operating out of Key West Oceanside Marina, where we offer full-service charters aboard my forty-six foot Bertram sportfish “SeaClusion”. The summer heat and calm winds have certainly taken hold of the local waters. Water temperatures in the low to mid 90’s and a lot of slack winds create very low oxygen levels in the upper water column, this makes fish sluggish and you will actually see Dolphin that will turn down a live Pilchard. The full moon spawns on the reef are over, what are we going to do? We need to fish! Take a deep breath, all is not lost. Dolphin are still out here along the edges of the Gulfstream , maybe not like they were in June but a respectable catch can still be made. Yellowtail snapper and Grouper are still here and they all still want to eat, just differently in the warm water. Picking your days on the water are a little more critical in the late summer months, those flat calm beautiful days are better spent diving for crawfish. Instead if you want to catch Dolphin wait till we have had a couple of days of breezy weather and the wind coming out of the Southeast for better results. Then don’t forget your deep troll, even better run a deep diving plug along with it. The goal here is to present the baits DEEP ! The lack of oxygen at the surface keeps fish deep around weed lines and debris. Stopping and letting baits sink near choice debris is another trick that can help get the bite. September also has a Marlin bite or two in the cards and fishing along the edge of the Gulfstream has got you in the right place. The Grouper and Snapper fishing are just as affected by the summer heat. The bite is deeper and they don’t like to come to the surface as much. Most fishing will be in 100 feet or more… A fast tide can make it almost impossible to get the Yellowtails going, because they are staying deep and the chum is so far behind the boat when it actually reaches the school. A gentle tide helps as long as the wind is cooperating. Wind can help in other ways too. A pretty good blow for a couple of days will get the water so dirty they have a tough time feeding. When the water starts to clear up the bite will be hot. Keep a few pinfish handy and keep one on the bottom while you are Yellowtailing. Grouper are making a big come back and the days are drawing close till the season is closed again. Like any time of year two skills are very important when fishing in September. Patience and Perseverance are the two most important skills an angler can learn. If you are doing everything right just wait the bite will come .If that does not work try it again a little longer .

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