Key West Offshore Fishing Forecast

March is upon us and the fishing is starting to change away from the winter fish predominated by Kingfish and changing to more Sailfish. Tuna are still strong and Cero Mackerel on the reef can make a day. The big thing about March it’s all about live bait. Big Razor Belly Pilchards are the #1 choice and if you don’t know how to catch them then break out the wallet , because that is your ticket to the big fight. Thread Fin Herring and Goggle Eyes are good substitutes , however Goggle Eyes work best on a kite. The Sails are going to be tailing and to miss out on that action is a crime. Throwing a bait to a couple of Sails and watching them fight over who eats is probably as close to angler heaven as I am going to get. Cobia, Tuna, and Bonita are going to be thick in the mix along color changes. A few Hammerheads and Whalesharks will make there way along the color change too. This all sounds too easy and when you are in the right spot it is. Location is important and the location moves fast. The conditions brought about by wind and Gulfstream occur for us here in Key West between Cosgrove Light and Looe Key which is a considerable amount of territory. Some venture even further west on the fast boats. These conditions can run the entire reef line at times and those are glorious days, but most of the time it will be a piece of the current and the productive area may only run a mile or two. This is when you need friends and trust me don’t believe anything you hear on channel 8. And I cannot talk about March without saying in like a Lamb and out like a Lion. It is going to blow, just remember the harder it blows the better the bite. Be safe and catch a trophy!