Key West Trophies and Sandwiches

After being bumped from a flight by a well known ( but unnamed) carrier and driving all night to get to Key West to go fishing at 7:00 in the morning, our intrepid charter was greeted with 25 knot winds out of the Northeast. Fortunately the strong Westward current kept the seas reasonable and the fishing and napping took off. With tons of live Pilchards we decided to load up on flag Yellowtails to get things going. Oh well that strong current that was keeping the seas down was also keeping our bait on top and being eaten by razor tooth Mackerels. Several Sailfish reports were on the charter boat radio channel so we started trolling naked Ballyhoo . We were trolling about 20 minutes and missed our first Sailfish, another 20 minutes and we hooked and fought to the boat two Sailfish at once. These were both released and everyone was awake for a change. With success we continued the troll and added deep diving plugs and started catching nice Groupers along the top of the reef. As the day progressed the wind laid down and we ended up with a great day of fishing in Key West.

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